Better Economy
More Power
More torque


Welcome to Rapid Car Mapping.

We are a mobile Car Remapping service based in the West Midlands, We cover areas from Stourbridge, Dudley, Kingswinford, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Redditch, and surrounding areas.


Rapid Car Mapping offer a 6 day ecu tuning service we will come to your home or workplace at a time that fits in around you or you can even come to us for a discount. We only use Genuine Alientech tools.   

 Car Ecu Tuning is the re-programming of your cars ECU (engine control unit). Ecu Tuning can increase turbo diesels and petrol turbo cars & Vans by 35% on bhp & 45% on torque, non turbo vehicles can be increased by an extra 10-15%.


All our Car Re-Maps are CUSTOM made to YOUR CAR OR VAN. Vehicles can be Remapped for Performance and Economy or just Economy. Car Remapping / Chip Tuning is available for nearly all makes and models of Cars, Vans, and Motorhomes, Petrol or Diesel.


Better Fuel Economy


We have developed a way to adjust the engine management

system so you get more Performance and less consumption.


Better Torque


Your engine has no way of knowing when you are towing, with our Ecu Tuning your engine will perform better at low speed.


Better Acceleration


With improved Ecu Tuning you will have more power at lower engine speeds you can use the higher

gears and accelerate smoothly without changing down.


Better Drive


With remapping this all adds up to improved driveability, smoother acceleration, less gear changes, less driver input equals more performance less fuel used.


Rapid Car Mapping For That Mobile Service That Suits Your Pocket

Our Prices are simple if you live within 15 miles of Wv2 we will re-map any car £180

 If your Car or Van Is Brought to us our Tuning  price is only an unbeatable £160


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We will answer text messages upto 22:00pm and phone calls

up to 21:00pm. 6 days a week Sunday's by appointment.

             Call Rick Now On 07563548027





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